Care and product info


These shirts are printed in limited runs by hand, by me. Expect there to be some variance of ink on the shirt and other subtle differences from something mass produced by a machine. After the first time through the washing machine the ink will fade *very slightly*, the printing will also be very very soft to the touch.

I print using water based ink UNLESS the description says otherwise, such as glow-in-the-dark, or 3d puff text. The listing will clearly state if an ink other than water based is used. 

Some items are embellished using high quality vinyl... those items are clearly marked and have their own specific washing instructions on the listing.


Crops tend to be 95% combed cotton and 5% elastane (lycra).

Mesh jerseys are 100% polyester mesh

Sweaters are 100% california fleece cotton

Bags are 100% nylon



Please wash glitter/metallic prints BY THEMSELVES (aka alone). There will be a little glitter that re-deposits on the garment, this is normal and will go away after a couple of washings. superOrange will NOT be held liable for any glitter deposits on other garments if you choose to ignore these instructions. Always wash metallic prints ALONE!!!

Vinyl Metallic

Handwash warm with a gentle detergent and line dry

All other tees/garments

Crops / tees (cotton or 95% blend) can be washed and dried. Wash each shirt inside out on gentle cycle with like colors (cold or warm mix, don't wash hot). Tumble dry on low. Do not iron. This will minimize shrinkage.

After the first 2 or so times through the wash, the ink will feel like it is part of the shirt and should feel very smooth. White ink is heavier and will feel a little more bulky on the shirt. With black ink, a bit of pilling will occur through the ink, this is to be expected.